About Me


My name is Tara and I was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. I am 27 years old and working in the online communications field in Whitehorse. I am also very interested in social media, blogging, marketing and graphic design.

I have always been interested in natural health and foods, and have done a lot of research and reading on the topic over the past 10 years or so.

First I started reading about eating low glycemic index diets (for blood sugar), hormone balancing diets (for acne) and general clean eating.

I always suspected I had digestion issues, and I started reading more into and experimenting with the gluten free diet and cutting out dairy products and most grains.

About 1 year back, I lived in a house with mold and ever since I have been dealing with a rash around my eyes and cheeks, multiple food intolerances, candida, leaky gut and dysbiosis.

At that point I searched for a diet that would help relieve my symptoms, and landed on a book about paleo. I haven’t stopped cooking paleo since!

I am now 100% gluten free and roughly 80% paleo.

I hope I can inspire and help others out there that are having the same struggles as I am or just want to clean up their diet and feel healthier.



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