Launch of Joshua’s Primal Lunchbox e-book


I am excited and proud to announce that I have just officially launched an e-book for my freelance client (and fellow paleo/primal food blogger) Kathryn Kos of Primal Bliss Nutrition. I met her online about a year ago and have been working with her ever since on her website, newsletters, e-book etc.

For the e-book, I helped with editing the text, designing and laying out the book as well as selling and marketing it online. It was a really great learning experience.
Who was this e-book written for?

Well, anyone really! Kathryn wrote this e-book based on her son Joshua’s school lunches, but there is absolutely no reason why kids, teenagers, adults and seniors wouldn’t also enjoy and benefit from it too.

  • Parents who want inspiration and ideas for healthy gluten free whole food lunches
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make healthy, balanced meals and snacks
Things you’ll find:
  • Over 50 gluten free, healthy, real food lunch ideas and recipes
  • Snack ideas and recipes for school and home
  • How to ditch processed deli meats and replace with 100% grass-fed, organic, all beef hot dogs, bacon and ham
  • Busting negative rumors about baby carrots
  • Why bottled juices labeled ”healthy” are not so healthy
  • Why drinking modern day store-bought cows milk might be harming your health
  • How to feed your children with love
  • Helpful links and resources


Check out the e-book page on her website where it is for sale for $15.99 (USD).


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